Susan Howard

  • Client’s Journey:

    My Story: After having been touched first hand by a problem many individual today, and what ended up taking my many years of trial and error to solve, I began a personal quest to develop a solution to put those tools and resources in the hands of those that would go after me.

    The Challenge: Approximately one year into dedicating nearly all my personal time into the project and I had to take notice that the milestone and objectives that we set at the start of the year were not completed.

    The Reality: The magnitude of effort required to get a project of this level of innovation of the ground, I realized there was absolutely no wiggle room for sipped milestones.

    Action: It was in this moment that I reached out to Susan Howard and despite my lack of familiarity with a wellness based approach, decided to retain her services after a very productive consultation session.

    The Approach: Excited to solve the problem, I took a bit of leap of faith in participating in the first step of Susan’s process which I soon came to realize how effective it was in helping lead me to pinpointing the very heart of the problem. The wellness evaluation process looked at me life from all aspects including finance, spiritual, physical, etc… This step back helped me to relax and look at my current situation from a position of balance. Almost immediately, the dots began to connect and I realized that many of project productivity issues were stemming from inefficient habits and approaches I had to living my personal life. The process helped me hone in on my organizational habits and relationship communication skills that because of their “inefficiencies” had created a level of constant background noise in my life that consumed the some of the energy spent playing and working on projects.

    Regarding organization habits, my “to-do list’ was consuming far more of my time worrying and anticipating the tasks than the time it took to do the tasks. Susan walked me through a process that including visualizing the feeling of change, forgiving setbacks and celebrating wins.

    Regarding relationships Susan helped me adapt a more healthy approach to communications, by staying positively engaged and sharing core truths instead of avoidance. Things began to feel lighter, flow with more ease and it starting spending more time enjoying people that had importance in my life. In a nutshell, the shift occurred from the inspiration of watching someone (Susan) rehearse those very skills day in and day out in her communications with me.

    Why work with Susan: Efficiency: I had invested eight weeks and in that time broke habits and developed new thought processes that stuck. With plenty of experience with workshops, retreats, life coaches, holistic modalities, etc… I was aware of the challenges that Susan’s process brought to the surface but lasting shift in behavior was something I had yet to experience in such short time.

    Self Discovery: For some reason, it’s occurred to me that progress and change comes easiest when those ideas come from self-discovery. Susan’s ability to actively listen and reframe my words in a meaningful way helped me to reach conclusions that felt like mine. Glass half full: Susan is a rare bread of individual as she truly walks the talk and role models what it is to live in positive affirmation and gratitude no matter what the challenges. By adopting this frame of mind, this practice, I have shifted so many areas of my life that were cause for anxiety and worry.

    Why Susan: Having participated/hired various wellness workshops, retreats, business coaches, holistic modalities over the years, Susan’s approach simple, refreshing and effective. Susan’s process starts with engaging her clients review all the aspects of their life including finance, spiritual, physical, etc… Susan helped me craft a personalized wellness approach by truly listening, hearing and asking the right questions so that the journey become clear, simple, forged from one self-discovery. She helped me clear the negative, reach into the tender stuff and unearth the motivation behind the blocks that had stalled similar attempts in the past. We broke everything down into manageable goals, track progress and celebrate wins. Always projecting positive language and visualizations, I found I could bring this approach and attitude into all aspects of my life.
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